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Membership Fees

We have a progressive membership structure that allows everyone in your team to take advantage of the many programs and benefits we offer.

Organizational memberships allow all staff with a role in economic development to be included in the bundle membership, as well as up to 3 elected officials.  If you need support in reaching approval of a membership please check out our Justification Tool Kit.

Annual Fees

  • Municipalities, Regions & Municipal Development Councils:
    • 0 – 10K (population):  $337.00/year
    • 10K – 50K (population):  $562.00/year
    • 50K – 250K (population):  $843.00/year
    • 250K+ (population):  $1119.00/year
  • Associations / CFDC’s / NGO’s:  $450.00/year
  • Government (per department):  $843.00/year
  • Private Corporation:  $450.00/year
  • Educational Institution:  $337.00/year
  • Retired / Transitional Economic Development Individual:  $56.00/yr
  • Individual:  $337.00/year
  • Emerging Professional:  $56/year

*Please note, HST is in addition to the above annual fees.

Fees are based on a calendar year and will be prorated for new members joining throughout the year. Memberships are non-refundable.

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