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Closing January 5, 2018 - RFP - Why Invest in Economic Development Video

20 Dec 2017 7:51 AM | Heather Lalonde (Administrator)

“Why Invest in Economic Development?” Video

Services Required
A Consortium consisting of: the Economic Developers Council of Ontario; Economic Developers Alberta; BC Economic Development Association; Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers; Conseil de développement économique de l’Alberta; Economic Developers Association of Canada; International Economic Developers Council; and, Saskatchewan Economic Developers Association and the Nunavut Economic Developers Association is  seeking a qualified Proponent to conceptualize, design, source and develop a short, powerful video.


The Consortium is a group of professional, not-for-profit organizations that have come together in order to produce both a publication and accompanying video that demonstrates the value in investing in economic development. 

Each individual group has significant membership in their geographic areas that will be the end user of the video and supporting documents. 

The key objective of the video is to visually highlight the importance of economic development in communities, regions, territories, etc.  The viewers of the video will come away with a greater understanding of the profession and its importance in a community.  It is important that the production steer viewers away from the traditional understanding of the profession (industrial development) and convey the message of the changing profession to include the broad range it covers now.

It is the group’s intention to launch the video during Economic Development Week, May 7-12, 2018.


The key objective of this video will be to deliver a powerful, compelling case for local investment in economic development through video.  The production should leave no doubt in the viewers’ mind as to the importance of having a strong economic development mandate in communities.  A project Steering Committee will work with the successful proponent to ensure objectives are met during each milestone of the project. 
There will be three phases to the project including:

  1. Creation of outline for messaging, images and goals
  2. Content development including sourcing stories, scenes, and speakers to be highlighted in the video.
  3. Video production – filming, editing and creating the final product


  1. The video should be no more than 3 minutes in length.
  2. The video should be comprehensive, inclusive and reflective of the diversity of the economic development profession.
  3. The impact should be personal and deliver a message to confirm the importance of economic development in a community.
  4. The video must align with the consortium’s standards, missions, beliefs, visions, and values
  5. The videographer will be responsible for pre-production technical advice an developing the video, setting up individual shots for best possible sound and video (including lighting and makeup), lighting and filming individual clips, directing, editing, and assembling the final product. The Steering Committee will serve as producers for the project, and will liaise with the proponent to coordinate, write and cast the production.
  6. The proponent will meet as-needed in person, phone or email to assist with the development of the video including its format and production schedule.
  7. The proponent will be responsible for setting up all aspects relating to sound and lighting for actual filming of the production.  The filming will take place either in studio or in pre-determined locations.
  8. The proponent will edit and organize the final clips and complete any other digital manipulation of the material necessary for project completion.
  9. The proponent will provide the consortium with copies of the final video in both official languages in digital format and DVD form.  The clips should be formatted in such a way to allow the Consortium to easily translate the material to another digital format in the future.
  10.  All present and future rights to the materials produced during the project will be assigned to the Consortium and reuse or reproduction of the materials for any purpose will not be permitted without the written permission of the Consortium.


  • RFP Issued December 8, 2017
  • RFP Submissions due by 4:00pm EST January 5, 2018
  • Award Contract no later than January 19, 2018.  Contract Completed by May 1, 2018


Your proposal should include a demonstrated understanding of the scope and particulars of the assignment, the estimated expenses to complete the assignment, and should clearly and concisely address the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Proponent Overview (15 points)
    Provide a company profile, verification of liability insurance policy and describe the relevant experience of the proponent in projects completed of a similar scope and scale.  Also provide references (minimum of three) of projects that the proponent has done in the last three years – should include company, address, and contact person, telephone number, email and website (where possible).
  1. Understanding of Objectives/Approach (20 points)

Provide a brief statement of understanding of the work to be done and a positive commitment to perform the work within the specified time period. 

  1. Experience and Qualifications of Key Team Members (20 points)

Identify the Project Manager and key team members of the project team to be assigned, including those from specialized sub-consultants, and describe their individual capabilities, respective roles and availability for this project.  Resumes should be included where appropriate.

  1. Work Plan and Schedule (25 points)

Provide a work plan and schedule, including a breakdown of the major tasks and the level of effort by individual team members in sufficient detail as to allow a complete understanding as to how and by whom the work is to be carried out.        

  1. Budget (20 points) 

Provide a detailed budget for the project.


An evaluation team from the Consortium will review all expressions of interest received and score the proposals in relation to criteria that are identified.  One or more proponents may be invited to attend a formal interview with the evaluation team the week of January , 2018, and/or to provide written clarification on their proposal.

Consideration will be given to firms who can demonstrate support through partnership of the organization.

The Consortium is not bound to accept any proposal and reserves the right to modify or revise the successful submission in discussion with the proponent following acceptance of the original proposal.


Please provide an electronic copy of your proposal in Word or PDF format to Proposals must be received by no later than 4:00 p.m. EST on January 5, 2018. Late submissions will not be given consideration.


Enquiries regarding terms, conditions and proposal process or format of response should be directed to no later than December 18, 2017. Responses to enquiries will be provided no later than December 22 , 2017. 


The Proponent will identify any perceived conflict of interest before the proposal is submitted to the Consortium.


Upon completion of project, all material collected and created will become the property of the Consortium.

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