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    • 04 Feb 2020
    • (EST)
    • 06 Feb 2020
    • (EST)
    • Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre
    • 270

    Introducing EDCO's 63rd Annual Conference and Showcase
    Get Your Game On
    at the Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre, February 4-6, 2020

    With your full conference registration*, you can look forward to the following:

    • Opening Reception: Hockey Hall of Fame, Brookfield Place, 30 Yonge Street (Presented by Research Consultants International)

    Day 1
    • Opening Keynote Presentation
    • Health Break and Coffee
    • Master Classes - Choice of:
    1. Cars Start your Engines! 
    2. Agri-Food 2.0: A Win-Win for Your Community 
    3. Evolving Community Improvement Plan Programs
    4. Don't Bonk Heads When You Bow - The Importance of Culture in FDI
    • Plenary: Bright Ideas Competition
    • Learning Labs - Choice of:
    1. A Game Plan for Emerging Professionals
    2. Digital Disruption in Commercial Real Estate
    3. Economic Planning and Growth
    4. A View from Lower 48: US Executives Perception of Canada's Business Climate
    • Plenary: Fatima and Amna Sultan, Canada's Youngest Entrepreneurs
    • Feast On Reception - Grand Ballroom Foyer; Trinity Ballroom

    Day 2
    • Plenary Presentations:
    1. What's the Game Plan? Honourable Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Develop, Job Creation and Trade
    2. Tourism
    • Master Classes - Choice of:
    1. Superclusters: Transforming Canada's Innovation Economy
    2. Immigrant Entrepreneurs and the Future of Local Communities 
    • Learning Labs - Choice of:
    1. Update on Digital Mainstreet
    2. Social Media for Economic Development
    3. Moment of Youth
    4. Supporting Ontario's Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs 
    • Lunch - Grand Ballroom
    • Master Classes - Choice of:
    1. Future Skills and Ensuring Sound Market Practices
    2. ACTION! Managing Film/TV Productions in Your Community
    • Learning Labs - Choice of:
    1. Stepping-Up to the Plate: Engaging Youth in Community Economic Development
    2. Out of Left Field - Re-imagining How Communities Use Existing Space to Foster Entrepreneurship 
    3. Look at Your Town from the Water
    4. Be the Best Business Advisor You Can Be: 7 Things That Make an Impact and Retain Business
    • Health Break and Coffee
    • Ignite Sessions - Grand Ballroom
    • Closing Plenary - Site Selection for $500
    • President's Reception - Grand Ballroom
    • President's Dinner and EDCO Awards of Excellence Ceremony
      Check out the full conference program at
      • 04 Feb 2020
      • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EST)
      • Ontario Investment and Trade Centre, Galleria, 250 Yonge Street, 35th Floor, Toronto, ON

      Pre-Conference Seminar:
      Diversity in Economic Development

      Location: Ontario Investment and Trade Centre, Galleria, 250 Yonge Street, 35th Floor, Toronto, ON

      Date: February 4th, 2020

      Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

      Cost: $50.00 (Lunch included)

      About: The economic development profession is becoming more diverse. This is a positive trend that will result in more creative and inclusive initiatives in our communities!

      EDCO is hosting this event to facilitate a dialogue about the experience of economic development professionals in under-represented groups. This will be an opportunity to deepen our collective understanding of the workplace challenges of these groups, and learn how to better support each other.

      The event will feature a panel of economic development professionals, who will share their experiences working in communities across Ontario.  This will be followed by a Q&A and discussion with the audience.

      Confirmed Speakers:

      • Jason Felix 
      Born and bred in Grenada, a Caribbean island paradise, Jason Felix migrated to Canada in 2013 to further his studies in Economic Development. Shortly after acquiring his Master’s degree in Local Economic Development from the University of Waterloo, Jason proceeded to work with rural municipalities, assisting in the development of stronger, more resilient and inclusive economies. With a strong vision to promote community and economic growth in rural communities complemented by a passion for community revitalization, while embracing new challenges, Jason’s move to Northern Ontario was a natural fit. His success to date at evoking a sense of community pride and optimism in communities that were once deemed depressed and declining can be attributed to hard work along with the tremendous encouragement and support received from staff members, municipal council, friends and family. In his free time, Jason enjoys spending quality time with friends and family. Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to nation building, Jason continues to help communities develop the most appropriate economic development framework to achieve sustained and diverse growth.
      • Pranab Shah 
      • Rajbir Sian

      Rajbir Sian has been in economic development for the past seven years and has recently transitioned to a split role of economic development and planning for the Township of Woolwich located just north of Waterloo, ON. 

      Rajbir worked as the Economic Development department for the City of Waterloo from 2013 to 2016 in a variety of roles including Economic Development Coordinator and Business Development Specialist. In her role with the City of Waterloo, Rajbir led the City in its first civic hackathon resulting in a tree mobile application that was developed by University of Waterloo students utilizing the City of Waterloo’s open data system.

      In 2016, Rajbir began working as an Economic Development and Tourism Officer for the Township of Woolwich. Rajbir grew up in the Greater Toronto Area and was unfamiliar with the rural economy and with the Mennonite Community. She quickly learned that developing relationships and building trust in a small close knit community, where often times many individuals are related, is extremely important in being able to perform the duties of an economic development professional.

      One key difference that she quickly picked up on is that agricultural and agriculturally related businesses are a large part of the local economy, approximately 64%, and gaining the trust of the Mennonite community is very important to the vitality of the farming industry. Rajbir earned the trust of key Mennonite leaders in the community who then referred her services and spoke highly of her ability to help in tough situations which resulted in her being able to work closely with the community on key economic infinitives including the Quilt and Fibre festival and the local farmer’s markets.

      She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Business from the University of Waterloo, a Master of Public Service from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Planning from the University of Waterloo. Rajbir also received her Ec.D. designation from the Economic Developers Association of Canada and is a Registered Professional Planner (RPP). 
      • 04 Feb 2020
      • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)
      • Ontario Investment and Trade Centre, Galleria, 250 Yonge Street, 35th Floor, Toronto, ON

      Emerging Professionals Pre-Conference Seminar:
      One Dozen Coffees
      Share career advice over coffee!

      Location: Ontario Investment and Trade Centre, Galleria, 250 Yonge Street, 35th Floor, Toronto, ON

      Date: February 4th, 2020

      Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

      Cost: Free

      About: Love coffee and conversation? Come join the first One Dozen Coffees meet-up of this new EDCO networking series! The event is taking place as a pre-conference seminar and the idea is to provide the opportunity for emerging professionals to network with experts in the EDCO community. Sign-up and have the chance to inspire collaboration and knowledge exchange within the economic development field! You do not want to miss out!

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    07 Nov 2017 Leveraging Global Talent for Greater Prosperity: Innovative Solutions for Employers and Newcomers
    06 Nov 2017 2017 Ontario Tourism Summit
    20 Oct 2017 Planning 101 for Economic Developers
    18 Oct 2017 9th Annual Municipal Agriculture Economic Development Planning Forum
    03 Oct 2017 Online Course: Technology-Led Economic Development
    28 Sep 2017 EDCO Fall 2017 Webinar Series
    27 Sep 2017 State of the North 2017
    26 Sep 2017 From Problem to Prosperity: Using Data to Reverse the Scourge of Urban Blight
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    14 Sep 2017 Economic Development Strategic Planning
    13 Sep 2017 The Changing Face of Foreign Direct Investment | Forecast: 2020 - 2025
    13 Sep 2017 Ontario East Municipal Conference 2017
    13 Sep 2017 Delicious Development: Economic Opportunities in Value-Added Agriculture
    09 Sep 2017 EDAC 2017 Annual Conference
    07 Sep 2017 Thriving Rural Communities: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Talent
    07 Sep 2017 Thriving Rural Communities: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Talent
    31 Aug 2017 An American Perspective on NAFTA's Past, Present, and Future
    30 Aug 2017 CETA: Unlocking the Potential Webinar
    21 Aug 2017 Municipal Economic Development Index (MEDI) Webinar
    21 Aug 2017 Connecting the Dots to Strengthen the Agri-Business Value Chain
    17 Aug 2017 Managing the Essential Link: Affordable Housing & Economic Development
    14 Aug 2017 Canada’s Retail Revolution: Technology Reshapes the Shopping Experience
    09 Aug 2017 Ryerson University LED Launch Event
    18 Jul 2017 Planning for a Modernized Apprenticeship System (London)
    13 Jul 2017 Placemaking - An Economic Development Strategy
    29 Jun 2017 Teeny Tiny Summit 2017 - Havelock
    28 Jun 2017 Teeny Tiny Summit 2017 - Merrickville
    27 Jun 2017 Economic Development Writing Webinar
    27 Jun 2017 Ontario’s AIM “Accelerate to International Markets” Program
    27 Jun 2017 Hydrogen for Sustainable Northern Communities Forum
    19 Jun 2017 Advancing Economic Development Opportunities - Thunder Bay
    15 Jun 2017 International Lead Generation: Winning Strategies for Foreign Investment Attraction
    08 Jun 2017 Let's Talk Exports 2017
    31 May 2017 How to Write Successful Grant Applications
    31 May 2017 Collaborate to Compete
    28 May 2017 Advancing Economic Development Opportunities - Waterloo
    25 May 2017 Canada-European Union: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Webinar
    25 May 2017 Engaging Post-Secondary Institutions for Economic Development
    24 May 2017 CityAge: Hamilton
    18 May 2017 Emerging Real Estate Trends for Economic Development
    16 May 2017 Community Building Through Collaboration - EDCO Spring Symposium
    14 May 2017 Young Professionals Week
    09 May 2017 Canadian Immigration Summit 2017: Innovating at 150 and Beyond
    08 May 2017 Fundamentals of Community ​Economic Development - Edmonton
    30 Apr 2017 Fundamentals of Community ​Economic Development - Waterloo
    27 Apr 2017 Women in Entrepreneurship: How You Can Help Break Barriers to Entry
    26 Apr 2017 Economic Development Credit Analysis
    25 Apr 2017 Sustainability and climate change funding: Free Webinar series
    24 Apr 2017 Infographics, Data Storytelling & Visualization
    20 Apr 2017 Crowdfunding - A Financial Alternative for Entrepreneurs
    11 Apr 2017 EDAC On the Hill
    22 Mar 2017 The Board’s Role in Creating a Sustainable Future
    16 Mar 2017 Leveraging Regional Strategies & Resources in Economic Development
    09 Mar 2017 Showcasing Excellence in Your Community: What You Need to Know About IEDC's Excellence in Economic Development Awards
    08 Mar 2017 Rock Economic Development Week
    02 Mar 2017 The Food And Beverage Convention: Niagara 2017
    01 Mar 2017 Festival & Event Ontario Conference 2017
    01 Mar 2017 Fostering local innovation: what economic developers need to know about incubators - EDAC
    16 Feb 2017 Promoting Workforce Opportunities for Underutilized Groups
    09 Feb 2017 Annual President's Dinner and Awards Ceremony
    07 Feb 2017 Do you know your assets? Asset Mapping Information Session
    07 Feb 2017 Ontario's Economy - Driven by Innovation
    31 Jan 2017 Essentials of Exporting Webinar
    19 Jan 2017 Optimizing Your Economic Development Website - EDAC
    18 Jan 2017 Measure What Matters: Top Metrics for Economic Developers in 2017
    20 Dec 2016 Foreign-Born Entrepreneurs: A Key to Innovation and Economic Development
    16 Dec 2016 Tourism Investment Dragon's Event
    15 Dec 2016 Trade Trends in 2017: Challenges and Opportunities for Canada’s Trade Relationships
    14 Dec 2016 Fermenting Success: Capturing the Economic Opportunity of Craft Beverages
    13 Dec 2016 Opportunity for All: Strategies for Inclusive Economic Development
    13 Dec 2016 Express Entry: What's on the Horizon for 2017?
    07 Dec 2016 Going Digital: A Tech-Based Approach to Economic Development Marketing
    07 Dec 2016 Tourism Investment Dragon's Event
    06 Dec 2016 Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit 2016: Vision, Action, Prosperity
    29 Nov 2016 10 Key Considerations to Improve Non-profit Board Operations
    17 Nov 2016 IEDC Training Course: Neighbourhood Development Strategies
    16 Nov 2016 Perfecting the Pitch: London
    15 Nov 2016 Perfecting the Pitch: Burlington
    14 Nov 2016 24th Annual CCPPP National Conference on Public Private Partnerships: Innovating our Future
    14 Nov 2016 Northern Ontario Tourism Summit
    10 Nov 2016 Perfecting the Pitch: North Bay
    09 Nov 2016 Webinar Series: Transformational Industry Technology
    08 Nov 2016 IoT Intelligent Cities Municipal IOT, Big Data Summit
    02 Nov 2016 Perfecting the Pitch: Kingston
    02 Nov 2016 8th Annual Municipal Agriculture Economic Development Forum
    27 Oct 2016 Out and About with EDCO: Eastern Ontario
    20 Oct 2016 EDAC Pre-Conference Seminar: Economic Diversification - Strategies for Revitalizing Local Economies
    19 Oct 2016 The Think Smarter: Economic Development Forum
    28 Sep 2016 Rural Talks to Rural Conference
    19 Sep 2016 EDAC & University of Waterloo Seminar: Performance Measurement in Economic Development
    15 Sep 2016 EDAC & University of Waterloo Economic Development Writing Webinar
    14 Sep 2016 IEDC Webinar - Building the Next Generation of Businesses: Promoting Entrepreneurship in Your Community
    14 Sep 2016 International Market Research Part 2, presented by COEF
    13 Sep 2016 IEDC Webinar - Building a Solid Foundation: Aligning Philanthropy and Economic Development
    31 Aug 2016 IEDC Webinar - Incentives for Reshoring: Crafting a Competitive Package
    25 Aug 2016 Promoting Workplace Innovation: How to Become a "Shift Disturber"
    25 Aug 2016 FREE IEDC Webinar Series: Disaster Preparedness & Economic Recovery
    25 Aug 2016 From How to Wow! Using Infographics to Tell Your Economic Development Story
    17 Aug 2016 Data Excellence for Business Attraction
    20 Jul 2016 IEDC Webinar Part 2: BRAC and Beyond: Creative Reuse of Former Military Installations
    13 Jul 2016 IEDC Webinar Part 1: Capitalizing on Defence Department Tech-Transfer Opportunities
    29 Jun 2016 IEDC Webinar Part 2: Attracting Investment to Disinvested Corridors and Neighbourhoods
    28 Jun 2016 CME: Incoterms for Export Success
    22 Jun 2016 IEDC Webinar Part 1: Retail as a Catalyst for Economic Development
    22 Jun 2016 CME: Tariff Classification & NAFTA treatment for Trade Compliance
    17 Jun 2016 EDAC-Content Marketing for Economic Developers: Promoting Your Community
    16 Jun 2016 CME: Get Outstanding Results from Agents - Five Strategies that Bring Success
    15 Jun 2016 IEDC Business Retention and Expansion Course- Vancouver
    12 Jun 2016 IEDC- Future Economic Forum 2016
    26 May 2016 How to Spot the Trends Shaping Our Future Economy- Webinar
    26 May 2016 EDAC - Social Media for Economic Developers
    18 May 2016 EDCO Spring Symposium - Connecting the North to the South
    17 May 2016 Elected Official Training Sault Ste. Marie, ON
    22 Mar 2016 Economic Development Marketing and Attraction
    26 Feb 2016 EDCO/SEO Networking Event
    02 Feb 2016 59th Annual EDCO Conference & Showcase
    01 Feb 2016 Pre-Conference: Investment Readiness for Communities and Regions
    02 Dec 2015 Foundations for Regional Economic Analysis - Kingston
    25 Nov 2015 Foundations for Regional Economic Analysis - Brownsville
    24 Nov 2015 Are you Ready for the Tourism Investment Dragons?
    18 Nov 2015 Foundations for Regional Economic Analysis - North Bay
    13 Nov 2015 Post-Election Canadian Outlook with the Chief Economist — Autumn 2015
    05 Nov 2015 IEDC Course: Entrepreneurial & Small Business Development Strategies
    04 Nov 2015 Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference
    03 Nov 2015 Waiting on Growth: The Ontario Business Outlook
    02 Nov 2015 23rd Annual CCPPP National Conference
    29 Oct 2015 International Opportunities and Best Practices
    28 Oct 2015 2015 Municipal Agriculture Economic Development Forum
    27 Oct 2015 YEAR 3 – Leadership and Advanced Economic Development Insights
    23 Oct 2015 Economic Development Writing Retreat: Three Days to Done
    19 Oct 2015 The Canadian Travel Industry Outlook: A Lower Dollar, An Affordable Vacation
    13 Oct 2015 Business and Investment Attraction – Economic Developers Alberta

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